Adele Barlow

Jan 12, 2022

How I got hooked on hypnotherapy

It was the end of 2020, and the year had rained down health scares, flight bans, a pandemic, and more. I was finding it harder and harder to sleep.

I had tried talking therapy in the past, but I wanted to address the root of the issue. I knew from past experiences that for subconscious niggles, hypnotherapy could be magic.

So when I found myself in Hong Kong, I started seeing Christine Deschemin.

I discovered Renewed Edge through an online search, and the reviews appealed to me as well as the information on their website, like pointers on how to choose a practitioner.

What happens during a session?

When I walked into Christine's office, we sat and talked about what I had been experiencing and what I was there to achieve.

Christine is an aeronautical engineer turned banker turned hypnotherapist, and her intellectual curiosity and expertise set her apart. She asked probing, insightful questions which clarified our objectives.

What does trance involve?

I lay down on a couch, closed my eyes, and she started guiding me with her voice into what felt like an incredibly relaxing semi-nap.

The feeling was similar to watching TV before bed and being not quite asleep but not fully awake. It almost feels like experiencing guided meditation.

Why try hypnotherapy?

I would only do it with a practitioner you respect and trust. For me, I was struggling; Christine was an expert; intuitively, I knew it would help me.

And it did. I've been back multiple times since and have recommended it to many others. As Christine says here:

"None of us would place all our financial capital on one single bet. We diversify our investments. We should do the same with our self-care routine. We should have many types of practices we can tap into."

Adele Barlow

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