Alberto Cabas Vidani

Jul 14, 2022

Why I'm bullish on Medium as a middle-class creator

I've recently started writing in English.

I don't know if I will ever be like Tim Denning, Nicolas Cole, or James Clear. For now, I see myself as a middle-class creator.

This is why I'm going all-in on Medium. Here's why.

Written content still works, and it's easier

Video is huge and growing. But people are still reading.

Just watch the stats of some successful writers on Medium (under the Writing on Medium tag, for example).

I often have a zombie face. This year I often had a sore throat or a cold. Thanks COVID and Leonardo (my three-year-old).

In those conditions, I can't record. But I can write.

Shortform works

In the beginning, you need to publish often, very often. Shortform is the way to increase your output.

The Medium audience loves good writing, even if it takes just 1 minute to read.

Distribution is mysterious but generous

Beginner creators cannot count on huge audiences to boost the initial views of a new article.

Youtube and TikTok algorithms can push content to new audiences. They amplify your reach. Medium's distribution has a similar effect.

Publications are wonderful allies

They work even better than distribution. They show your post to already engaged subscribers. And they make you appear more authoritative.

Don't forget SEO

The domain has good authority on Google. This means articles optimized for SEO have a chance to rank well.

Embedded monetization

Entering the Partner Program is easy. Then you just have to check a box, and all your articles get monetized.

As you keep publishing, earnings compound. Every day I read rosy reports from writers, even just a few months after starting on the platform.

Newsletters are embedded

We are in the middle of a newsletter renaissance. You can join the trend just by enabling a feature in your account.

The easiest affiliate program

Affiliate marketing can be one of the main monetization options for middle-class creators. Medium provides you with an affiliate link to their membership.

You can easily experiment promoting it through your content.

I'll be publishing updates on my journey here. Follow me not to miss them.

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