Alexander Gleeson 🚢

May 11, 2022

2 Reasons Aave is the best DeFi platform to borrow and lend without KYC and stake for rewards

1.     Borrowing and lending without KYC, interest rates the banks would never give, and flash loans.

It is my belief however that Aave has done the basics so well, that they will be the leaders long into the future.

They have developed a loyal, somewhat fanatic userbase and a strong reputation.

The team:


2.     The CEO, Stani Kulechov has a unique defi leader background, in that he has a Master’s Degree in Law. He also hosts raves (rAave) at crypto conferences and DJs at them

Defi seems to be currently outside the scope of international laws, due in part to its inefficiencies. It has enough of its own problems now that big corporations and governments aren’t overly worried about it in the short term. The regulators will likely come in heavy once the defi threat is obvious.

Once the financial institutions fully realise how vulnerable defi makes them, they will demand the governments bring in rules and regulations like increased KYC at the expense of user experience. In this inevitability, it is good to have a pragmatic Law expert in the driver’s seat.

A lot of DeFi platforms are not overly self-evident, they are confusing to use. Aave is in the minority with it’s sleek layout. Two years ago, amongst the original Defi bull run I tried and tested all the top defi platforms. Aave was immediately a favorite of mine. It has gone from strength to strength since then.

Alexander Gleeson 🚢

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