Andy Sporring

Nov 3, 2022

Do You Take Notes? Why Do You Take Notes, And Not Least, Where Do You Take Said Notes?

An increasing number of people are taking notes on their computers, tablets, and phones. This is due to the ubiquity of these devices and the ease with which they can be used to take notes.

There are a variety of reasons why people take notes. For some, it is a way to remember information they have heard or read. For others, it is a way to organize their thoughts and ideas. Still, others use notes to keep track of tasks and to-do items.

The format of notes varies depending on the person taking them. Some people prefer to type their notes, while others prefer to write them by hand. Some people use a mix of both methods.

For me, Notetaking is a kind of second nature, and I do it every day in some form, sometimes only a couple of other days. I use a combination right now of Scrintal and Notion to get the fullest available use for my notes. Scrintal has not yet integrated with Readwise, which is a big part of my influx of knowledge, and I get that part in my Notion account.

I'm also using Notion to build my help system for neurodiverse people, and there will be a template to develop further by the end of this year. The aim is to build an app from it.

Glasp is another service I use more and more, and they also integrate with Readwise.

Andy Sporring

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