Andy Sporring

Dec 5, 2022

Giving Journaling Another Shot (Sort of), And Hopefully, The Habit Builds This Time

I have tried and failed; I tried once again and failed that time too. I might have been starting more times in twelve or the past three years. For some reason sticking to that habit isn't my jam.

But here I am, trying my hand again, and I hope it can stick this time cause I see the benefits of writing a journal every day.

How Will I Do This Time?

  • I have my morning writing routine for two hours; I use part of that for 10 minutes to journal.

  • Journal on my phone while traveling from A to B.

  • I will not allow myself to do any watching of Movies or series before Journaling in the evening,

  • Find a routine for Journaling before getting out of bed or before falling asleep.

I know it will be a challenge, but hey, Ship30for30 is a challenge, and NaPodPoMo is a challenge. And I have mastered both of them, so it shouldn't be impossible to make a daily habit out of journaling.

Andy Sporring

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