Andy Sporring

Oct 4, 2022

Using Summari To Extract Key Points In An Article

You know the feeling; there's too little time and too much information to catch. So what do you do?

I have been searching for a tool that could help me with that and uses an Ai that seems to work.

The answer is @getsummari, and I have been using it for about five months.

Features Of Summarie

What Summarie can help you with:

  • Summarize the content of an article

  • Collect a Twitter thread

The Ai

Our AI training data is created from thousands of hours of human work

We built a community of top university students that produced thousands of article summaries.

They’re trained to analyze texts and summarize the key ideas. We check every summary for quality, accuracy, and objectivity.

This hands-on approach creates the only data set of its kind and enables the superior quality of our AI summary generator.

I Use Summarie to extract key points from articles and to collect Twitter threads. It's a great tool in my workflow and toolbox.

Try it, Get it, and Use Summarie!

Andy Sporring

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