Braden Mosley

Apr 16, 2022

Don't mix creative and tedious work

Don’t mix creative work with tedious work!

Keep them separate, or they will both be mediocre.

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Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your brain:

  1. Block your calendar

  2. Mark which times are creative work only

  3. Try creative tasks at different times during the day

  4. Make systems you can plug your creativity into

  5. Don’t multitask

  6. Eliminate distractions


Studies show that separating your creative work from tedious work can help you work more productively.

“Attention residue” occurs when you switch quickly between tasks.

It means you are not fully present and engaged with your next task.


Stop switching.

Batch your time into creative and tedious.

Get better work done.


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