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May 18, 2022

3 Reasons Why Ship 30 For 30’s Sales Funnel Is So Ridiculously Effective (Marketers, Get Ready To Take Notes)

All marketers should study what Ship 30 For 30 is doing.

Not only is the course content world-class, but the marketing funnel they’ve built is just as impressive.

Here are 3 reasons why Ship 30's funnel is crushing it:

Insanely Valuable Free Content

Every core lesson in the Ship 30 course is available for free online.


Their ebook at is a massive 13,000 word PDF that breaks down all the key concepts and frameworks they teach.

They are literally giving away their best stuff for free.

After I read it, I was sold on signing up for the course. It’s that good.

Built-In Virality

The main social platform Ship 30 students use is Twitter.

And as part of onboarding, you're encouraged to pin a tweet on your profile that reads:

"Over the next 30 days, I'm writing 30 Atomic Essays as a part of

@dickiebush and @Nicolascole77's Ship 30 for 30."

How smart is that?

Now they have real estate on every student’s profile.

For every impression a shipper gets on Twitter, Ship 30 gets one, too.

Natural Ascension Path

By day one of the course, the teachers begin dropping hints about “what comes next” when the cohort ends.

They call it the Captain’s Table.

It’s a mastermind that takes you from newly newly-minted digital write to launching your first digital product.

As an ascension path, it feels totally natural.

And by that point in the course, you know how good the content is.

It’s an easy sell.

Brad Wages - Email Marketing Specialist

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