Bryant Ferate

Bryant Ferate

February 26, 2022

What Factors Improve Coaches' Ability to Zoom Out?

Question: How can we better zoom out to see the big picture instead of being consumed by the day-to-day?

Improving the skill of dialing in our focus in both wide frames and within a tight window. Seeing the forest for what it is, seeing individual trees, their interaction, and the interaction's impact.

I asked this question of myself and my close friend as it has recently caused me to pause frequently. Seeing the forest for what it is. Seeing the trees for what they are. Understanding the interaction.

HEALTH: One of the greatest impacts on our ability to zoom out effectively is our health. Good health practices set the stage to have greater clarity, especially in those extremely stressful situations. Poor health creates situations where you are unable to tap in and bring your absolute best to training/coaching, as well as those stressful decisions having a greater cost.

PERSPECTIVE: Improving your perspective through collaborating with others or creating opportunities to gain value is another way to improve on the ability to zoom out. Perspective can be gained by simply asking “Can I call you, ask some questions, and walk you through what I am currently seeing?”

LIFE: Having a life and expressing range outside of your current role provides you an opportunity to zoom out in a better way when you come back to the training and coaching. A clear mind and better thinking about the current situation through engaging with something that has nothing to do with the craft you already dedicate so much time and energy towards.