Bryant Ferate

Bryant Ferate

March 21, 2022

Where Did The Word "Coach" Come From?

In 1830 an Oxford University student needed a tutor for an exam. From there the slang term was created to describe the tutor “carrying” the student through the exam. Coach.

I can only imagine “Man you got coached through that exam” back in 1830. This moment created a slang term referring to the tutor carrying this student through an exam like a carriage or a stagecoach getting pulled by horses. Taking you from one place to another. Later this term would apply to getting tutored & carried through sports and athletic events.

Think about this for a second, “Getting Coached” figuratively getting carried from one place to another. It made me ask another two more questions. What do I love about coaching? What fulfillment comes from coaching?

This question had me break down coaching into two components. One component is that coaching is an active process of helping someone get from where they are to where they want to be. Part two of coaching is collaborating on the journey to figure out the “be”. Unpacking where they want to be through awareness, understanding, and learning through action. Especially in moments where you may see more in someone, they see in themselves or they currently are unable to see what they could be.

Where do you want to be? How many student-athletes actually know where they want to be? Understand what are they capable of in their career and life? Uncovering these answers together as coaches can potentially see things before they unfold, seeing more in someone than they even see in themselves.

  1. Get someone from where they are to where they want to be

  2. Help them figure out what that “Be” truly is or could be

  3. Bring more awareness to what you see in them that they may not see in themselves.