Chase Arbeiter

Aug 16, 2022

Create Your Masterpiece Life By Chipping Away

Most people see life as a blank canvas that we should pile more and more paint on to create something beautiful.

The world tries to convince us that to-be-happy we must find happiness.

And the best way to do that is to accomplish, buy, or own. This way of thinking has forced too many people down a never-satisfying road.

List off a few examples:

  • More possessions

  • More accomplishments

  • More, for the sake of more

More isn't how you build your best life.

Life isn't Game of Thrones: more success, victories, and stuff won't guarantee your happiness.

As Arthur C. Brooks wrote in From Strength to Strength:

"In the West, success and happiness come—or so we believe—by avoiding losses and accumulating more stuff: more money, more accomplishments, more relationships, more experiences, more prestige, more followers, more possessions."

Start chipping away at your life.

"chip away the jade boulder of our lives until we find ourselves."

— Arthur C. Brooks

This mindset shift will force you to eliminate the unnecessary. Focus on the present—and the critical. Spend more time on the things you never regret.

Let go of the canvas in your life, and pick up your chisel.

Success, accomplishments, and even worldly possessions are not bad things to pursue in life.

But what are you pursuing these things for?

Your happiness, your satisfaction, and your true inner joy will not be improved by another item or another award, or another thing to put up for show.

Sculpt the life you want.

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