Chase Arbeiter

May 14, 2022

This Slow 23 Minute Habit Will Change Your Life and Business (One Step at a Time)

I thought walks were for the elderly and people with no athletic ability.

"I run," I would tell myself when I read or heard about the power of a great walk. Why would I walk? Seems boring.

Then I took my daughter on a walk in a stroller for 45 minutes one morning.

"All Truly Great Thoughts Are Conceived While Walking" 

– Friedrich Nietzsche.

Walking will bridge the gap between your anxiousness and the most insightful version of yourself.

A mind absent of walking is equivalent to that dingy old attic, with a million cobwebs that nobody has rummaged through in 25 years.

If you don't work through your ideas, insights, and everyday problems, your thoughts stack up like those boxes in that attic, creating stagnation. Battle this from creeping in by taking a short walk each day, even if it's just down the block.

If you don't have time, make time with these 3 tips:

#1. Walk all day.

Short walks give quick surges of brainpower.

Take the back parking spot at the supermarket. Go outside and walk around the building or parking lot at work. Ditch carry out. Tell them they'll see your smiling face at the front counter.

#2. Walk while you talk.

Nothing provides more productivity in your day than going for a walk while talking.

Go for a walk while you talk to your clients. Walk down the street (probably, many times) while you call customer service. Take a long stroll after dinner with your spouse and child.

#3. Walk your decisions out.

Want to make sound, more calculated, and better decisions?

Walk it out. That troubling decision you have to make is much more operational when you have time to get some steps in. With each step, more and more clarity reveals itself.

These may seem like tiny little inconsequential steps within your day, but they will not only add up in your mission to 10,000 but also spit insight into your life and business you can't find anywhere online.

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