Connor Widmaier

May 12, 2022

Ray Dalio's Genius 5 Steps for Success

Ray Dalio’s net worth is $ 22,000,000,000.

But his Principles for Success are dead simple.

Here are Ray's genius 5 Steps to Success.👇

1. Goal

2. Problem

3. Diagnosis

4. Design

5. Doing

How does this look in action?

Let’s assume your goal is to build your personal brand

and monetize your Twitter.

(Fair goal.)

If you're starting out, you'll soon hit roadblocks.

Here are some common problems for new creators:

• Lack of Ideas

• Lack of Confidence

• Lack of Writing Skills

But only after you've diagnosed your problem, can you find the solution.

For example,

If your problem is a lack of ideas,

you can start consuming high-value content.

If your problem is a lack of confidence,

you can start small.

If your problem is a lack of writing skills,

you can build a daily writing habit.

After you have diagnosed your problem,

you build a system that makes your solution a reality.

For example,

If you want more ideas,

read for 30 minutes before you go to bed.

If you want more confidence,

curate someone else's credibility (like I did with this thread).

If you want to have better writing skills,

write first thing every morning.

Once you have your system,

your next step is to keep doing for a long enough time to see results.

"Impatience with actions, patience with results" — Naval


• Have Goals

• Face Problems

• Solve Problems

• Keep Doing What Works

• Become Successful

That's all.

Have Fun.🚀

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