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Apr 22, 2022

An Allegory About Success Based on Observing the Natural World

The path of success is like the potential in every apple seed.

There is no path 'to' because success is a process and not a destination.

You hold an apple seed in your hand.

  • You hold an idea in your mind.

You plant the apple seed.

  • You begin drawing, calculating, writing, or building from your idea.

You help the apple seed germinate by cultivating the soil with water, sunlight, and nutrients.

  • You do research to seek out the best information, tools, or people to nourish your ideas and cultivate the potential for success.

As the apple tree grows, you care for it. Even when it doesn’t bear fruit year after year, you know it will when the conditions are right. 

  • Like the apple tree, as your idea takes shape, you keep working on it. You see your progress over time and stay the course, getting closer to your desired outcome.

When the tree has matured, it rewards you with fresh apples — the fulfillment of the apple seed’s natural potential.

  • When your work is complete, the successful outcome of your natural potential is that your creative actions have borne the fruits of your labour.

Success in life requires cultivation, nurturing, and patience.

Just like an apple tree takes many years to bear fruit, there is no such thing as overnight success.

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Darren Stehle — Coach | Writer | Podcaster

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