Dave Wentworth

Mar 26, 2022

4 Updates to Make your Home Workspace Energize You

Working from home gives you unprecedented control over your workspace.

I've been working from home for 2 years and my setup has morphed over time. I started hunched over on a guest bed staring at a laptop, in pain. My productivity has increased every time I've made improvements.

Here are a few key upgrades that can energize your space.

Desk: big / clean / sit-to-stand

Invest in a desk that gives the space you need.

I chose a desk that has a dual-monitor post and can move to standing height as well. This means I can transition from sitting to standing throughout my day. My back greatly appreciates this.

Don't settle for a desk that doesn't fit.

Sound: earbuds / sound-cancelling / white noise

Choose a way to keep sounds out and good sounds in.

I love my Bose headphones for all purposes (meetings and music). I also usually choose some relaxed music playlist or something hype, depending on my work mode.

Youtube: "lofi chill radio" for an endless playlist or "white/brown noise" for amazing sound blocking steady sound

Lighting: task / indirect / warm

The right light can energize and warm your space.

I prefer a low, warm-colored lamp that is aimed at the workspace, not in my eyes. This can be adjusted for when you need to be lit up on camera as well.

Indirect, warm light (3000K or below) works wonders to warm a space.

Dedicated Camera & Microphone

It pays to invest in a dedicated camera & microphone.

You can position height and get better quality than being tied to an ipad or laptop camera. Professional picture quality can really set you apart from stock cameras. Sound quality on laptop microphones are notoriously bad.

It pays productivity dividends to look for ways to improve your space so it energizes you.

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