David Walton

Jan 27, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Working Actor (Part 1)

Professional acting is exactly like surfing.

You have no control over the waves (jobs), but you train to stay in good paddle shape so you're ready when a wave comes your way.

You do not control the waves, only your ride on it.

This guide will teach you how to get physically mentally and emotionally prepared to catch and ride Hollywood's waves.

But it is not your typical guide.

The exercises and behavior changes are not the usual acting career garbage. (I don't care about your scene study class. It's a waste of money).

This guide is about the only 3 things that matter:

  1. Getting an agent/manager that believes in you.

  2. Creating and owning your own unique acting method to nail auditions.

  3. Feeling empowered in an industry that makes everyone feel powerless.

That's it.

Interested? More to come. Not interested? A parting takeaway:

The power of community can not be understated in such a lonely industry.

Waiting around for a life changing wave in a sharp-elbowed lineup while trying to pay rent is emotionally taxing. Especially when the ocean is flat.

The one thing that has helped me more than anything?

Having a crew of other actors/industry folks to confide in.

  • Find a few people you trust and make a crew.

  • Be vulnerable.

  • Don't pretend things don't hurt.

  • Encourage them to share their pain with you as you all wait for the next wave.

  • Cheer their success.

My goal with this guide is to share all the tools that helped me surf some beautiful waves over my 20 year career. And to create a community so that actors can feel empowered and supported.

I hope you find it helpful. Peace, David

David Walton

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