Apr 30, 2022

Bring the grease,and get on with it.

Imagine,you’re trapped in a cramped prison cell with a muscular,menacing and extremely violent criminal.

He’s blocking the only way out. You can’t escape.

He’s scowling and breathing heavily,he looks like he wants to break every bone in your body.

You’re terrified out of your mind.

Suddenly,he starts to unbuckle his pants. You shrink back into the corner.this can’t be happening.

“alright time to get on with it” he says.

Hold it dude,it aint what you think.

It was a scene from the Netflix movie “Bronson”

Bronson was,probably still is, england’s most violent inmate. He spent over 30 years in solitary.

The movie,which comes off sometimes as a black comedy,depicted Bronson as a man determined to make a name for himself.

But his only talent was violence.

As a youth, whenever the police confronted him,he’d try his best to beat the hell out of them when they tried to arrest him.

He was placed in a mental ward in a heavily drugged state for over a decade. then it started to cost too much to keep him in the loony bin

He was declared sane and kicked out of prison.

Barely free for two months,bronson’s habit of violence had him making about $40 for every illegal pit fight that was arranged by a friend of his.

He even fought dogs barehanded.

In order to impress a girl he was seeing,he robbed a jewelry store,and smacked around the sales clerk, And stole a very nice diamond ring.

Turned out she was getting married to someone else.

Bronson was soon rearrested and sent back to jail.

Here comes the funny part.

One day,Bronson was in his cell, laying on his bunk calm and quiet.

He hadn't punched anyone in the face…yet

When the guard came to bring him some books to read,Bronson took the man hostage.

The guard sat terrified in the corner as Bronson attempted negotiations with the warden via telephone (yeh,there was a phone in the cell)

Negotiations broke down. Bronson got up.

He handed the scared guard some grease,then he began to strip.

“Alright,let’s get on with it then”

Bronson knew that the warden was sending about 5 or 6 guards to pull him out of the cell by force. It would be more difficult for them to do that if he were naked, ,covered in grease and fighting like a rabid dog.

Bronson yelled at the trembling guard while facing the cell door:

“Alright then! Put it on me back and me arse!”

His arse?

Yep. His arse.

The guard was so scared his hands were trembling. He didn’t wanna touch Bronson,especially not his arse. But if he didn’t do what the angry convict said:

He’d be the first to get a sound drubbing (asswhooping beaten bloody)

The guard’s trembling fingers barely touched bronson’s muscular lower back.

Bronson roared: “on it not in it!”

I nearly fell off the bed I was laughing so hard.

The other guards finally showed up,beat Bronson bloody, wrapped him in a straight jacket and stuck him in a narrow cell.

I felt so bad for the guard that was held hostage. He won’t be telling his friends at the pub what happened that day.

Some jobs are not worth it at all

One man wants to make a name for himself but has a tendency for violence and ends up being an infamous burden on the state of England, spending over three decades in solitary, slowly going mad

The other, a family man had his whole work routine shattered and possibly mentally scarred as he trembled in overwhelming terror.hands covered in grease ,fearing a savage beating if he didn’t apply the grease to an angry convict’s arse.

Either way I’m glad im not them.

Those options suck.

One’s a burden one’s a victim. I want neither

There’s gotta be better ways to make a living

I aint interested in making a name for myself.

I just wanna be comfortable without being forced into compromising situations.

 ( forced to rub grease on arses,that’s bound to cause nightmares)

I think I can make a living writing.I just needed some motivation.

In my opinion, ship 30 for 30 gave me the kickstart i needed.

And as Time goes on, I'll get better at writing and perhaps some of you kind folks will read some of my work.



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