Apr 28, 2022

Take time to thank an idiot.

Everyone can use a little improvement,right?

Yes sir everyone.

We all wanna go to the next level and experience the satisfaction of actually accomplishing the necessary tasks that will improve either our finances,mindset or physical body

But in reality, the road to success is not always easy or quick

Not to worry my friend, here’s a simple way to get all the motivation you need to do the right thing when it comes to reaching for success

It’s really simple.

Look on the news,internet or newspaper, and search for folks criminal or not, who do dumbass things in an attempt to reap rewards without actually doing any honest work.

You’ll have plenty of “shake my head” and "WTF" moments. But it all serves the purpose of letting you know that being honest is that best and safest way to make it.

Ok, now for the examples.

 You can’t make this stuff up.


A dude attempts to sue a railroad in Washington DC after staging a slip and fall incident in an elevator.

The moron actually brought his own banana peel.

And gave an Oscar-worthy performance when he “slipped” and fell"

 Everything was caught on camera. Now the dumbsickle is being charged with second degee fraud.

 And to think he actually wanted 15 grand in “damages”


A NC college student got busted with over 12k in counterfeit money in her dorm room. She tried to purchase a $100 gift card from a nearby Walgreens.

All that education didn’t help her remember that retailers often have their cashiers thoroughly check bills in denominations of $20 and up.

Instead of the treasurers signature, the smartacus wrote “moe money”

I wonder if she’ll finish her degree in prison.


A 21 year old Oregon dude robbed  a historical museum, taking several jars of human brains from long dead mental patients from the 1900’s and sold some to a collector of oddities.(you can get anything on ebay) He was later arrested behind a dairy queen by an undercover cop.

He had plenty of brains in the jars…

But none in his head.

Very different people. Each with a unique view and approach on how to get money. Investing time and effort into venues that were clearly designed as a means to avoid honest work.

Besides being lawbreakers,

These people  are also idiots.

 And contrary to popular belief these unique individuals actually serve a purpose.

even if you don’t realize it at first.

 For example, if you are going through a rough patch, thinking you’ll have to get an extra job,or need additional money and are hesitant to try an opportunity. Or are just unsure what to do?

Before you get tempted to do something “off the books” , find an idiot, look at just how ridiculous their plans were and do the complete opposite.


Use underhanded tactics and deception to make money putting themselves and everyone involved at risk. And create a crapload of enemies in the process.

Don’t plan for squat,or even think of the consequences of their actions.Are allergic to working hard or honestly. All they think about is making cheap shortcuts and wind up making an even greater mess of their present situation.

Smart people:

Do their research, ask questions, and check for legitimacy. The look for real value not only for themselves, but for everyone involved.

Align  themselves  with people who actually know what they’re doing and actually get results.

And believe that success can be gained through honest work.

So,thank an idiot because they show us what can go wrong when you lack ambition,work ethic,and common sense.

It just dosen’t pay to be that frikking stupid.

The idiot series continues...


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