Elaine Giles

Apr 24, 2022

Do You Have Copy and Paste Superpowers?

Copying text ... how far wrong can you go? I'm glad you asked! Let me enlighten you 😜

Copying text is simple when the text is presented to you in an editable format. By editable I mean you are able to select it. Word documents, email, notes and even most web pages fall into that category and with that content you're good to go. Simply select the content, copy and paste wherever you need it.

However, there are many more nuanced situations where the very text you need isn't presented in a way that you are able to copy it. Think an error message in a dialog box or text that is part of an image. This also includes my pet peeve: a meeting agenda displayed on a slide in Zoom!

This is where TextSniper has your back. It's a simple app for macOS that converts text you can't select into editable text placed straight on your clipboard.

It's simple and it's genius! 🧠

TextSniper has dedicated keyboard shortcuts for each command and an icon in the menu bar if you're not a shortcut person. Activating TextSniper presents a crosshair on your mouse pointer, leaving you to simply draw around the text to be captured. Within seconds of doing so the text is on your clipboard in an editable format.

Even more genius is available too! I can't tell you how many times I've been at a virtual meeting and the presenter flashes a QR Code on the screen. Why do they do that? While it might make sense in an in-person session where attendees aren't in front of a computer but do have access to a device it makes no sense to force a remote viewer to grab a second device.

TextSniper has a dedicated QR Code reader mode. Again simply draw around the QR Code on the screen and the URL is copied to your clipboard. Paste it in your browser and you're done ... no separate device required.

Finally, TextSniper connects to your iPhone or iPad using your device camera to capture the material to be converted to live text.

I use TextSniper multiple times a day and once you've tried it you won't want to be without it.

Elaine Giles

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