Eric Polite II

Jan 9, 2022

3 Unexpected and Highly-Anticipated Rewards of Setting Sail

I have a confession to make. I didn’t join Ship 30 for 30 to learn and grow as a writer. I’m a coach and consultant, not a digital writer, Tweeter, influencer, or crypto-bro.

I love designing and facilitating transformational learning experiences. So when I discovered cohort-based courses (CBC), I knew joining the hoard of online course creators who overpromise and underdeliver wasn’t the only way.

After consuming every article (e.g., Wes Kao) and podcasts (e.g., Reshaping Education), I knew nothing would compare to the experience of a curriculum fortified by community, coaching, and collaboration.

That’s how I joined Ship 30 for 30 – the first CBC I could find starting in the new year.

No regrets, only rewards

Now I’m only one week in and already blown away by the experience. I was fully prepared to be a lurker and “borrow” as much as I could, but I’m all in and enjoying the journey. I’m confident Ship 30 for 30 will help me:

Share my world

My profile includes INTP (Myers Briggs), Individualist (Predictive Index), and Reflective Observation (KLSI), so internal thoughts and ideas abound! Now, thanks to the Endless Idea Generator, I have a place to collect and organize the rich inner world I inhabit. BONUS: Learning how to shorten the distance between knowing and doing (i.e., publishing).

Write better course content

Shipping essays every day for 30 days will undoubtedly help me overcome writing resistance. More importantly, I’m crafting my voice and the muscle to effortlessly create clear, concise, and compelling content for my online courses.

Build Twitter literacy

Linkedin is where I prefer to engage, but I’ve gained a newfound respect and appreciation for Twitter. I am drawn to the community of brilliant thinkers and thought leaders sorting, sharing, and testing ideas. I can build authority and an audience for digital products and services without being sales-y.

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