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Esther Ciganda 🚢 Teaching, Learning + Creating

Esther Ciganda 🚢 Teaching, Learning + Creating

March 22, 2022

Courses are not only for teaching but also for marketing: 3 ways an online course helps your marketing strategy

Having an online course has many benefits but one of the most important is the role courses play in your marketing.

Teaching an online course is a great business model. Having a course helps you build relationships with students, and it helps you reach your business goals. Teaching a course also provides content for you to use in marketing both offline and online. These steps are not only what I used in the classroom for scheduling each spring, but they apply to courses in business as well.

Read on to see how this works:

Take original content from your courses for marketing.

There are many ways you can leverage your online courses and use them to create marketing content.

You can use part of the course as a standalone product or record a private podcast series with the content. Ask students for their testimonials to share on your website, in email, or on social media. You can also repurpose clips, short videos, from your courses to use for marketing.

Get to know your audience.

Teaching an online course puts you in direct contact with your students and ideal students.

This is an opportunity to collect data about them. Even if you’re not teaching live, they will interact with you. Be sure to listen to their questions, what concerns they have, and the feedback they leave. The data you collect can help you to improve the next version of your course. Knowing your audience well will also help in your marketing efforts.

Integrate marketing into your courses.

By having a course, you have a natural way to promote your other offers or the next steps for your students to take. For example, get people to join your membership site, follow you on social media, recommend to friends, and become affiliates for your products by sharing with others.

As a newbie course creator, it’s a lot to take in, I know. But, it’s important that you optimize your courses in your business.

Once again I’m here for you and rooting for you along the way!