Esther Ciganda

Mar 22, 2022

So you're new online? Here are 5 Benefits of Teaching an Online Course

An excellent way to meet your business goals and build relationships with students or future ones is by teaching an online course.

And online learning continues to grow yearly. This means course creation is a great option for teaching others what you love and showing the unique value you have to offer.

Online courses provide education for everyone.

Anyone can take an online course from anywhere in the world.

Online courses allow you to learn regardless of location. And, you don’t have to travel so it’s usually a low-cost option to university courses, especially in the United States. They also allow for greater flexibility for students to learn when it’s convenient to them.

Any business can create courses.

Online courses can be used by large corporations to solopreneurs.

Everyone knows something to teach others and help them achieve their goals, solve a problem or overcome a challenge. All you need is some minimal tech and a topic that people want to learn.

Grow your audience with online courses.

Teaching your own online course helps you grow your audience online.

When you teach an online course, you share your expertise with your ideal students. This helps to establish you as the go-to person in your niche for people to learn about your topic. Each course you offer then raises interest in your next course, drawing more people to you.

Start earning with your first course. 

You may choose to provide a free mini-course to introduce people to your style and your work.

But, with a bigger course, you can charge tuition or have them buy the course. Teaching online courses can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you make it. They usually have low overhead so for a small fee you can even start making money from day 1.

Online courses allow you to help more people.

Unlike a traditional classroom setting, online courses allow you to scale.

What does this mean? As a high school teacher, I was limited by the available seats per period and the school day. In the online world, your course is limited by the interest in your course and the platform you choose for hosting the course.

If you have an idea to teach, then online courses are the business model for you to pursue.

And, please don’t wait for next year and the next like I did, start today! Rooting for you friend!

Esther Ciganda

Multilingual + Multipassionate Veteran Teacher writing about my pivot to Edupreneur | Daughter of Basque Immigrants & Farmers | Podcaster | 🧠 tumor survivor