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Jun 30, 2022

Lessons About Money, LIFE from Naval Ravikant

Lessons About Money, LIFE from Naval Ravikant

1/ Build Specific Knowledge

The first step is always to acquire specific knowledge.

You must become the best in the world at something, it doesn't matter what.

It's something you can't be learned from society.

You've got to develop it yourself by pursuing your passion, pursuing your obsessions, and becoming the world's expert on that thing.

2/ Embrace Accountability

Take risks under your own accountability. You're the only one responsible for your life, your decisions, and your actions.

3/ Reading

Lists Are A Waste Of Time

Don't read lists of books. You're not going to get smarter by reading a list of books.

You might get smarter by reading one specific book that is really relevant to you right now.

4/ Decision Making

Build strong fundamentals, collect mental models, and then trust your intuition.

5/ Happiness

You don't need to live an austere lifestyle to be happy or successful. Everyone has different comfort levels and different things that make them happy.

Find your own way and don't let anyone else tell you how to live.

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