John Guerrero

Jan 20, 2022

Rule 5: Don't let your kids do anything that would make you dislike them

Children are a projection of their parents. So project the best possible image of yourself to the world.

It's easy to surrender control of our children's attention to screen time. It enables parents to relax. And we definitely need to unwind after a hard day. But don't relent. Don't give in to that easy path.

children, like other human beings, are not only good, they cannot simply be left to their own devices, untouched by society, and bloom into perfection. -Jordan Peterson

You have a chance to mold another version of yourself into a better person than you are. This is not to say that you aren't a good person. I could certainly become a better person than I am now.

Some additional nuggets of information from this chapter:

  • Children cannot be sheltered from fear and pain. It is a part of life. Hiding the unpleasant parts of life is short-changing them of meaningful experiences that help them survive later in life.

  • Discipline and punishment. Even by Peterson's own admission, these are sensitive topics to discuss. But these must be used appropriately. Behaviors do not change for the better on their own. Parents play an integral role.

  • Children should be taught to balance societal compliance with persistence and the willingness to voice opposition should the need arise. The former for the purposes of being pleasant to be around. The latter to stand up to immoral and unethical behaviors or actions.

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