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Aug 8, 2022

4 Lessons About What Matters in Content Marketing (And What Doesn't)

I helped a startup grow their blog by 400% (before they really went big)

I helped another startup 10x traffic & leads (before they shut down)

I've been at bureaucratic companies. I've been at nimble startups. I've been laid off as a content marketer.

I've learned a tremendous amount.

Here are a few of those lessons:

Lesson 1: Move fast & create things

When it's venture backed, you're never sure how long it'll last. So focus on a content channel. That could be SEO content (like what I do & prefer), building a newsletter (like The Hustle) or on Twitter (FirstBase HQ) or something else.

Lesson 2: But have a plan

At the company where I was laid off, my content plans weren't solid. It felt like we threw a lot against the wall, without understanding direct customer pain points, and how to build for the funnel. We also didn't move fast enough tbh

Lesson 3: And it's not all up to you.

Part of working with others is that you have to work with others. They have their priorities, systems, and ways of doing things. Yes, it's easier to get around those things at a small company, but you don't always have the resources (or timeline to execute). Company priorities can slow you down. A bad work culture can slow you down.

But, it can work the other way too. A solid work culture can make you look good. Good teammates can make you look great. Great product-market fit can make you look like a genius. 🤩

Lesson 4: Control what you can control.

Do the best with what you have. Do what works, but take small bets on something new.

Take a breath and own what you can. Be okay with the rest.

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