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Jul 18, 2022

Every piece of content isn't meant for every person in your audience.

Set the right expectations for your #content.

What do I mean? Here's an example👇

✅ At Range, we have an active newsletter with an audience of mostly software engineers.

❌ But I'm not sending them my list posts for the middle funnel.

They don't expect or want that from our newsletter.

And I'm not creating those lists for a newsletter.

😬 That's a mismatch and would cause more friction and confusion.

Instead, we send them our podcast interviews with tech leaders and links to curated content.

✅ At the end, we share how Range helps.

I expect a lot of organic search traffic for my list posts. ⭐️

I don't have the same expectation for the interview series. ⭐️


  1. Each piece of content has a job.

  1. Don't expect it to do a job it wasn't meant to do.

  1. Create expectations accordingly.

#marketing #contentstrategy

Josh Spilker 🏄‍♂️

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