Nicco Krezdorn

Aug 28, 2022

Here Is to The Normal Ones

The fit-fits.

The dilligents.

The peacemakers.

The round pegs in the round holes.

The ones who see the things that have to be done.

They accept rules.

And they try to maintain the status quo.

You can't quote them, dislike them, look down or pity them.

And the only thing you can't do is live without them.

Because they are the ones who keep things running.

They make sure that the human race maintains the achieved levels.

And while some may see them as the lame ones,

We see dedication.

Because the people who are crazy enough to play

a regular part in the world,

Are the ones who keep it running.

Nicco Krezdorn

I operate on people, do research on perfusion, write for inspiration and help high performers stay sane and refill their cup so that they can keep giving.