Maaiz Khan

Jan 30, 2022

The 5 Accounts to Follow for LUNA Investors that Prioritize Signal Over Noise

LUNA Terra is one of the fast growing ecosystems in the crypto world.

With over $13B locked in value and consistent stablecoin yields of 20% the future is bright for LUNA. Despite this, it's often heard to keep up with the news and catch the signal (news that matters).

Below are my top 5 accounts to maximize signal in the Terra Ecosystem.

/ Do Kwon - @stablekwon

Do Kwon is the founder of the Terra Ecosystem and a truly entertaining account to follow on Twitter.

His goal is to take UST Market Cap to $100B from the current $11B. If you've followed his account you would see how he plans to backstop the Anchor Protocol Reserve (around which there continues to be much speculation).

/ Westie - @WestieCapital

Westie is a management consultant by trade. He writes thoughtful pieces on DeFi as a whole on Medium. Most recently he wrote about the current state of the stablecoin wars.

Much of the future growth in DeFi will accrue to Stablecoins given their relative safety.

/Remi Tetot - @Remi_Tetot

Remi is a co-founder at Real Vision TV and a self-professed #Lunatic. He is also head of research at Global Macro Investor, one of the premier financial research firms with subscribers that include multi-billion dollar hedge funds.

His medium article on LUNA terra convinced me to double my investment. Follow him for well-rounded fundamental analysis on the Terra Ecosystem.

/Danku - @danku_r

Danku is a phenomenal DeFi Youtuber that has put together great content for those looking to maximize their yield on the Terra platform. He puts together thoroughly researched videos and medium articles that breakdown difficult topics in the ecosystem.

His most recent video breaks down the Leveraged Luna Stacking strategy, that @Lunaomics used to grow his wealth from $100K to ~$1M in 2021.

/ Wolf of Defi - @wolf_of_defi

Wolf Focuses on the growing Terra Ecosystem set of protocols.

Most recently his thread on the many derivatives of LUNA help investors maximize their investment by increasing yield or reducing risk while hodling.

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