Oscar Lagrosen

May 23, 2022

How Writing Every Day For Half A Year Transformed My Life

Half a year ago I started writing daily.

It's been the best decision in my life, with many things previously never imagined before.

Here are some of them:

My writing and "idea-to-execution" speed drastically improved

When you run every day, running is not as daunting as previously.

The same goes for writing. I noticed quickly the insane jump in speed for my other writings. When I wrote assignments for my masters, the words simply flew away from my fingers.

I also started to be more aware of the world and how to express it in the best possible way.

Became a part of the Ship30for30 community

After reading The Art and Business of Online Writing (affiliate link) by Nicolas Cole twice, I knew this course was a perfect fit.

I was proven right!

After previously taken 17 other online courses, none of them stood up to Ship30for30 in terms of usefulness, engagement and wow-moments. With its action-oriented nature of writing every day, the community was rock solid.

If you are reading this and are not a part of Ship30for30, I highly, highly recommend you participate if you are serious about writing. You can sign up for the upcoming August cohort for a $100 discount here.

Because here is what you can expect if you are consistent:

Earned my first $360 on the internet

On my birthday, I received the invitation to join their advanced course Captain's Table, which I did. Two weeks later, their mini-course Zero-to-$1 was released, a practical roadmap on how to create and launch the first digital product (and more).

After four days of intense work, I released my first book Effortless Republishing: A Step-By-Step Guide For Leveraged Digital Writers thanks to the process. One week later, I followed up with the audio-version, then my second book The Barbell System.

As of today, I have earned $360 in my first half-a-year of writing. It goes extremely fast with Ship30, which is why I highly recommend the course here. I'm incredibly thankful to all of you readers!

The remaining half a year will be a surprise for me, but more books (and courses) will be rolled out. It's time to sail towards the ocean!

Oscar Lagrosen

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