Oscar Lagrosen

Aug 16, 2022

How I Come Up With New Ideas For Daily Atomic Essays

How I Come Up With New Ideas For Daily Atomic Essays 👇

Coming up with ideas should not be a problem for writers

Fortunately, the amazing Ship30for30-course has solved this common issue with a concept called “Endless Idea Generator.” Take one idea and, run different filters, mix the variables to get infinite combinations

Although this solution is good, and I recommend it, I use a simpler approach for my writing.

I view everything that comes to me through a particular lens

In the writing world, finding your niche/category is a sought-out goal. From my perspective, this niche comes naturally from your own unique experience and viewpoint.

In my case, I view everything around me through Total Living, the lifestyle for being your best self while fully enjoying here and now. Using this lens allows me to add novel solutions to common topics of interest.

For example, I was recently asked how I can be effortlessly social around strangers. This was a perfect opportunity to add to the lens of Total Living, shining a new light on this age-old question. Expect this essay to pop up soon.

Otherwise, my ideas come largely from insights after listening to high-quality input. The moments when everything suddenly clicks generate a lot of essays.

Save the ideas

Every potential nugget comes in a particular list in Google Tasks. There are currently 100 entries, so I'm not desperately looking for new ideas.

For selecting the best one, I use a combination of gut feeling and external feedback. If one idea is particularly requested, it moves up, of course.

Total presence helps me enormously since I no longer need to think and ruminate. I just sit there for half a minute until the choice becomes blatantly obvious. I'm still fascinated by the power of just being still.

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