parveen sultana

parveen sultana

January 27, 2023

Day 21: 1 Tool That I Use Everyday For Everything I Do

What is that 1 tool that you use everyday?

I have one and that's Xmind for mindmapping. I like to write notes for everything and what's even more better to visualise it in a mindmap.

But what do I use it for?

Here's few things I use it for:

  • #1: Notetaking - I use it for notetaking whether its during the meetings, to understand a feature or while exploratory testing

  • #2: Planning - I use it for planning whether its for planning testing, planning my personal goals or while brainstorming ideas.

  • #3: Learning - I use it as a tool while learning any new topic, reading a book, watching a talk or reading a blog to write down any points that I liked and keytakeaways.

  • #4:Ideas Tree - I use it to add any ideas that comes to my mind so I can revisit and pick some of them and work on it.

I use this tool for anything and everything 😄

What is that one tool that you use that helps you in your productivity?