parveen sultana

parveen sultana

January 13, 2023

Day 7: 3 Things Developers Can Do To Help Tester

Do you work on a team with only 1 tester who has a lot of pressure as they are doing all the testing on their own?

When all the developers are implementing stories and throwing them over the wall for a tester to test those stories then there is a lot of pressure on the tester.

Let me share 3 things that developers on teams can do to help relieve some of the pressure.

Pair with the tester regularly and early

Developers can help testers by involving the testers early before even the user story is implemented. Kickoff the user story by pairing with the tester to think about how to test a story, what test data needs to be prepared or if it would effect current functionality or how would we know if something goes wrong(logs/monitoring/alerting).

Pair with the tester while testing the story as this also helps in early feedback. For example if there's any issues found while testing they can be fixed early while the developers are still in the same context and has not moved to another story.

Get the developers interested in testing

Get the developers to wear a testers hat to think of testing their stories as part of their development process and not to leave the entire testing responsibility on a tester. Keep advocating on the teams about whole team owns the quality and its not the testers responsibility only.

Developers own test automation

When there's only 1 tester on the team it becomes hard to focus on everything on the team, so developers can own test automation(UI or end to end tests) responsibility to free up testers time.

These are few things that can help depending on the context of the teams and product they are working on.