Pierre Alexandre SCHEMBRI

Apr 27, 2022

Leaving no-code ? No so fast !

Don’t rush hiring developers when you need to migrate your no-code platform.

You may need to migrate your no-code platform to something where you control 100%. You should think twice before hiring developers to port your platform.

You are leaving a robust platform that has been tested for the complete unknown. Besides the costs of hiring developers, your platform will have fewer features and more bugs for months.

Here is what you expose yourself to :

  • The job market is tight for developers : they may leave at any time

  • Building is very different from migrating : you need features already existing

  • Infrastructure management is hard, downtime will hunt you

  • Security is hard and will cause you nightmares

Choosing an unknown path with little upside should be considered carefully

What you need is to identify clearly :

  • Why do you need to migrate ?

  • Does the expected benefits are valued > 300 k$ ?

  • Can you do a partial migration ?

  • Do you have the money to hire a senior CTO ?

Don’t leave you no-code platform to go faster, that’s the worst reason ever.

Pierre Alexandre SCHEMBRI

Hello ! I am the cofounder of Netsach, a digital agency based in Paris. I help service businesses generate more value for their customers