Pierre Alexandre SCHEMBRI

May 6, 2022

Finding the fun when building a business is key

As an entrepreneur, I’ve been job-hopping for the better and the worst.

Starting as an engineer with no sales or marketing skills was … a struggle.

Yet, I am loving it. Why ?

I always loved learning new things and sharing my perspective on key takeaways with my business partners. But always learning makes you struggling all the time. You end up thinking you do not have what it takes.

I wish I could have learned sooner that the worst case scenario is loosing motivation. Not money.

Fortunately, I had great support from my wife and my business partner and that’s what kept me going.

Then, magical things started to happen.

Prospects calling back and asking for proposals. I understood how much the delay between my actions and their results was impacting my morale. So I started to trust myself on my newly acquired skills.

Ups and downs. Always.

Starting a new business will challenge your morale.

Keeping it as high as possible is key to your success.

Pierre Alexandre SCHEMBRI

Hello ! I am the cofounder of Netsach, a digital agency based in Paris. I help service businesses generate more value for their customers