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Apr 25, 2022

3 Myths You Need To Shoot Down If You Can't Create Content

Myths and misconceptions prevent people from creating content (or pursuing interests).

They prevent you from hitting publish, or pressing record. By allowing this to happen, you're doing the world a disservice and we can't have that.

Everyone Starts From 0

The best started from 0 irrespective of where they are now.

Whether it is Casey Neistat or Mr.Beast, they all start from 0 followers and subscribers. The main goal is to create noise and wait for signals (or don't - just keep creating).

If we believe myths, we add to the friction of putting ourselves out there. 3 myths that bother most of us (and why they're not worthwhile) are:

Myth 1 : My Content Isn't Unique

Everyone is a sum of their life experiences. So you're unique by default. By sharing your lessons and adding personal instances, you give a perspective that is fresh.

Myth 2 : I Need A Niche

You don't find your voice. You create it. To create, you need to start. Speak about problems you faced a year, a month, a week ago and you're already adding value to peoples lives.

Use those cues, and build on it. That becomes your niche, but you don't HAVE to start with a niche. You ARE one.

Myth 3 : People Will Not Find Me Credible

As long as you add value (as seen in myth 2) people are going to find you credible.

Want to share how you ran your first 10k? Do it. There are a lot of people who would read it. If you deliver on your word (purely based on your experience) people will keep coming back. Credibility builds over time but people are always consuming. That's your ultimate leverage

Treat myths for what they are - a widely held false idea.

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