Rainar Angelo

Rainar Angelo

April 14, 2022

3 Misconceptions Consumers Have About Creators

There are two groups of people on the internet - Creators and Consumers.

I used to be a consumer, now I'm both. As a consumer I had some misconceptions about creators. Some of them damaging and detrimental to my own goals back then.

Fortunately, clearing these misconceptions helped me break become a creator myself and you can too, but first:

Who's A Creator?

Creating entertaining or educating material on any platform makes you a creator. As long as you bring something into existence, you are a creator.

Now, let's bust the misconceptions about creators:

1. Creators Are Influencers

The term 'influencer' is sometimes used mockingly. There are a fair share of cringe content creators, but not all creators are influencers.

Creators are people, like us, trying to come with ideas, create new content and add value to their audience.

Don't like someone's content? Don't consume. We could do with a little kindness and less judgment online (or try to.)

2. Creators Are Money Driven

I always wondered by creators charge for their products. It's obvious now - to make a living!

Not doing a 9-5 doesn't mean it's not a job. It is their means of a livelihood. A great deal of products I've bought from creators have actually added more value to me than college ever has.

So no, they're not money driven. They're just taking their dues.

3. Creators Have It Easy

Being a creator, especially in the beginning might be the hardest bit. Most creators we see are in the millionaire club (million subs).

Showing up everyday on the platform, learning the nuances, improving their craft and adding value for months if not years is ignored. When a creator makes it, we say 'it's easy' or 'how lucky'.

If you want to be a creator, you need to know this.
If you're a consumer, you might want to see your favorite creators in a new light.