Rainar Angelo

Jun 10, 2022

3 Myths About People We Look Up To

I have been following and learning from high profile individuals for some time now.

These are people who seem like superheroes, infallible and constantly motivated. Yet, they're as flawed as we are.

Here are 3 Myths about them (and truths):

  1. Myth #1: They're always Motivated.
    Truth: They've worked on discipline over the years. It just got better with time. Motivation is fleeting.

  2. Myth #2: They're original
    Truth: They started off imitating (not copying) others and found their voice by doing so

  3. Myth #3: They're always busy
    Truth: Being busy is a form of laziness. They're striking the right balance between taking breaks and being productive.

Why does this matter?

This picture of 'perfectionism' about other people demotivates us from pursuing our goals and desires. Despite your best efforts, you might feel inconsistent. Even the best feel this way. Consistency doesn't mean you nail it everyday. It just means you show up the best you can.

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