Ramses Girgis

Mar 13, 2022

Three Issues that Plague most Businesses: Lesson # 2b "Lack of Work Processes"

What is innovation? Is it having a patent on a new product or technology? is it a New service that no one has thought of before?

The standard ISO 56000 defines innovation as:

"A new or changed entity (PRODUCT OR SERVICE) realizing or redistributing value".

However, how much innovation is due to a NEW versus CHANGED entity?

I propose that most innovation is the result of "A Changed Entity" which really means "A CHANGED or IMPROVED PROCESS" of producing a product or Service.

W. Edwards Deming Quote:

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing"

We define work processes for several reasons:

  1. You can't improve what has not been defined

  2. As a teaching tool for new workers assigned the same work

  3. To assess effort and workload

I encourage leaders to consider the huge benefits of documenting and continuously improving ALL Work processes. You cannot achieve Excellence and become a Leader in your field without this focus

Ramses Girgis

Business Strategist | Consultant