Razvan Andrei Surdu

Jan 22, 2022

How snipd made me listen to podcast again

I stopped listening to podcasts and audiobooks one year ago.

It was one of my favorite side activities while doing sports, driving, shopping, or during anything that did not require my full attention.

I was getting a lot of exposure to interesting ideas and approaches on topics I am passionate about. But how many of them stuck with me?

I soon realized that I was achieving the illusion of knowledge and in the words of Stephen Hawking, that is the greatest enemy of knowledge.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge - Stephen Hawking

So I stopped.

I read books. I built a system, a flow, using great apps like: @readwiseio , @obsdmd and @logseq . I see every day how every nugget of knowledge is contributing to a greater whole.


I discovered @snipd_app a couple of months ago. Initially, I thought it is just another podcast client app. Boy, I was wrong...

Once you subscribe to your favorite shows, the app analyses your episodes and breaks them down into chapters. Every chapter has its heading and content transcribed.

If I have a 60 min episode, I get an overview of the main points discussed and it is up to me to decide what parts I want to listen or not.

And there is the "Discovery Screen" section - a recommendation list that continuously learns from what you like and gives you the exact moments from different shows and episodes that match your preferences. I can tap and listen to a specific moment and after, I can decide to listen to the entire show or switch to a new one.

Not only that it saves time, but when I jump to a section that I am interested in, I can make a "snip" - basically an extract of that timeframe and can export the transcript to either @obsdmd or @logseq.

From there, I can follow up with my normal processing flow: add my thoughts on why that piece resonated with me and link it to older notes from my PKM vault. I can turn them in flashcards and use spaced repetition to make sure that the information does not fade away.

Now, I started listening to podcasts again. Thank you @snipd_app .

My wish is to have something like this also for audiobooks (on audible). Let me know if you guys have a solution for that.

Razvan Andrei Surdu

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