rhoda anne young

Feb 19, 2022

Who am I Writing For?

when I look up advice on how to do this ✒️writing online✒️ thing ... I'm literally stumped at the first question.

who are you writing for?

it smacks me in the face like a crumbling wall after the 🌪️tornadoes🌪️ hit.


How am I supposed to answer that!

Truthfully, when I first started writing it was a way for me to council myself through the traumas inforced on my life ...

... a way to navigate my mind ... to make it peaceful.

and I didn't care if nobody read it!

Gaining a following of 500+ in only a few short months baffled me. Overwhelm began!

As my following grew I began questioning my motives for writing. The readers motives. what was it that made them follow me.?

Then the whole world turned upside down.

The corrna bug struck - lockdown issued.

Some 'Techie' dude got board at home and started playing with algorithms.

Helios began his tour of mental health issues. Depression. PTSD recall & rage. Suicidal thoughts!

My mind felt trapped.

My writing stalled. Readership disappeared overnight.

We had no money. No official help. Stuck in a ⛺. writing seemed like the only possible way to make an income. But it made Helios paranoid, and I had to prioritize his care.

Convincing Helios to trust official help was a difficult job. But I got him that help. There's still along road to full recovery & he needs a lot of support. I am more than willing to give it.

What kind of a partner would I be otherwise?

I'm taking a slow road with my writing. There's no coherent plot set in my head. Im taking it one day at a time!

It's path will probably digress. Staggering like some drunkards after a pub crawl.

I'm yet to discover my true path. So in the meantime I'm experimenting to see what sticks, with me as the writer, and you as the reader.

So the question of "who I'm writing for?" remains unanswered .

At least for now!

rhoda anne young

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