Robert Koyich

Mar 26, 2022

J'ecrit Avant Midi

I may have written sloppy French in the title, though I thought it meant "I write before noon." For me, that was true today. I passed out on the couch at 6:30 PM yesterday and got up at 5:50 AM.

I had an open morning at home, and before noon, I'd written an entire chapter for my book Rivers of Truth. The chapter was the closing chapter of Rivers, the 20th Fountain book, and I'm happy to have the base complete. One of the following steps will be transferring the text over to a template and starting to block.

When I write the base versions of my Fountain book, I write precisely five lines of text in 12-point Book Antiqua font... within a few pixels of five complete lines spaced on the page. When I transfer the files to the template, I copy the chapters over and then adjust the font and margins to 1/2" from the left and 12-point Garamond font.

After I copy the text, I break the previous five-line text strings into naturally formed paragraphs by rewriting. I perform the full edit of the book cutting and pruning, yet not in the rigid uniform chunks.

By the time I publish a Fountain book, it's gone through half a dozen or more full comb throughs. It's like a messy head of hair; each pass of a digital or manual comb aligns the strands of thought into a pleasantly formed and presentable work.

With these posts, though, I merely share a couple of hundred words daily with the thoughts that naturally come to mind and then run a quick Grammarly check. As is, reading these also takes 2-3 minutes compared to 2-3 hours.

Robert Koyich

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