Robert Koyich

Feb 11, 2022

1/2 Hour Sections - Productivity Blocks

Okay, we've heard we need to take breaks from time to time, yet how can we also chip away at the quarries of big tasks without getting dogged out or overwhelmed? A simple strategy that you can gamify; Productivity Blocks.

This idea is simple and helps with large projects for those who can afford the time not to get it all done right away.

Productivity Blocks, for big tasks, are devoting 1/2 hour, only 30 minutes to a task. I've found this helpful for cleaning. Instead of thinking, "I need to clean the whole house," doing just thirty minutes a day can compound over time.

With editing and writing, one can focus for thirty minutes to form some new text and then go eat waffles. As much as how we'll never do much if we don't make a start, beginning with a mere 30-minute promise to ourselves can minimize a massive task and ease us into completing it.

On the upside, if you finish a Productivity Block and want to keep on going, set the 1/2 hour timer again and keep at it! That can be a second block.

Thinking of putting 1/2 hour to a task is much easier than thinking you need to complete the full amount of work, and it can build confidence with incremental improvement. Gamifying blocks by setting a target of X number of blocks a day (or diversifying and working on a variety of tasks if you don't want to (or need to) focus just on one thing).

The idea is to make movements towards completing our broader objectives and actually do some of the tasks we may not be thrilled to do (that need to get done).

Bit by bit, grain by grain, and seed by seed!

Robert Koyich

Working as an author and Creative Connector, Rob continues his process of cultivating his Freedom Solution. Care to look into the pages?