Robert Koyich

Mar 12, 2022

Committed or Confined?

Freedom is a high value I hold, yet I wonder if I'm committing myself to earnings, improving my well-being, or confining myself. My boss asked me about working tomorrow on a phone call tonight, and I chose to work the shift. Is it me committed to earning and working, or confining myself to a poor situation for my well-being?

I've been having significant doubts and considerations about my charitable work in the previous three days. I'm questioning my motives and wondering if it's doing something I think I should do or if I'm avoiding work with that too. I understand commitment is vital, yet I'm afraid I've been waffling and waning.

It seems like I'm working for money rather than my personal enjoyment, yet the question of "what job would I enjoy" still has an answer that eludes me. In the call with my boss tonight, he gave me three seconds to answer "three, two, one," after asking if I'll work tomorrow, and I said, "I'll take it." Since I have said yes to working tomorrow, I'll be up at 7 AM to be ready to go out and work.

There is no financial gain for me with the charitable work, yet there are benefits for me anyhow. The thing is, I don't want to work for my own gain, and I've not been working well for others' gain well either.

I'm not sure I am committed to working, both for myself and charitable gatherings, and that's a thing I need to know. The next question is, "what will I do about it?"

Bit by bit, grain by grain, and seed by seed, I heed my process and intuitive guidance.

Robert Koyich

Working as an author and Creative Connector, Rob continues his process of cultivating his Freedom Solution. Care to look into the pages?