Robert Koyich

Apr 4, 2022

Dreaming Out of Bounds

What are some dreams you have that you think are out of bounds? Do you think your goals are unrealistic, too big, too small? Do you fear judgment about proclaiming what you want? Are you afraid of failing, or are you afraid of what would be if you succeed?

I've heard and read it's good to dream big, yet when I've set wishes for the future, my goals seem entirely unrealistic. I want to build a newly constructed home, to break ground for it by August 2nd, 2024. That's about two and a half years away, and I sense the time approaching with few signs the home comes to be.

I also have wished my charity can provide more than a thousand people $550/month in groceries, yet the goal seems whimsical and irrational. I've also set desires for selling 250,000 books, yet with 63 copies sold in the past three years, that seems farcical too.

Yet is it good and right to have these goals? Is dreaming and wishing big a good thing, or could it cause me adverse reactions if I don't achieve them?

The fear of action has held me back, yet I also remember that miracles happen and sometimes we surpass what we wished for.

What are you doing about your goals? Do they enliven you? Do they scare you? Do you believe in them? Do you believe in yourself?

I say dream and envision great things. It may be better than attempting to bunt and still get struck out.

Robert Koyich

Working as an author and Creative Connector, Rob continues his process of cultivating his Freedom Solution. Care to look into the pages?