Robert Koyich

Feb 16, 2022

The 101 Goals List Idea

Jack Canfield is a leading success coach, and I attended one of his programs in 2020. It's imperative from the Canfield methodology to know our goals and why we want them.

One exercise (that I'm only 64 items into completing) is a list of 101 goals I want to achieve in life. The goal list is not quite a bucket list, and the goals should inspire and activate a positive feeling about completing them. An extension of this list (what Jack guided as a list of things to be, do, or have), also think about a few things you want to learn.

I want to lean into my intuition more, and I'd like to trust better in line with an understanding of how and who to trust. Those are more behavioural and cognitive goals, though. For the to be, do, or have goals, my Master list inlcludes building a new house, selling 250,000 books, and gathering more than $100k/month for my charity.

Though I may get a bit of a boost by sharing my goals (and you may feel empowered to make a goal list, too), I need to remember that this is a goal list, not a wish list. Creating a wishlist is excellent (it's a beautiful imagination exercise), though if we're going to set goals, we need to work towards achieving them.

A bit of dreaming, though. It can increase our belief to do far more than we set out to do. Perhaps a pocket of dreams, some grit, and some Magic can generate incredible results.

Robert Koyich

Working as an author and Creative Connector, Rob continues his process of cultivating his Freedom Solution. Care to look into the pages?