Rochelle Gracilla

Dec 5, 2022

30-Second Exercises for Computer Desk Workers: Open Palms Stretch!

Ball or grip squeeze is popular, but opening the hands is what counts after typing all day!

Hands are partially cupped and fingers bent or flexed while computer typing. As a Physical Therapist +30 years, I see in the hospital and nursing homes people's palms and fingers painfully bent, curled, tight, and contracted, (Dupuytren's Contracture). An open hand and finger stretch brings relaxation and release of tightness. Consult your physician before starting this or any new exercise program.

Now, do these:

Open Palms Stretch / "Octopus Suction Cups"

I like the imagery of an Octopus' suction cups open wide!

Stand up from your desk. Lean forward, so your palms are flat on the desk under your shoulders. Have your fingers spread wide and straight!

Wrist Bend / Flat palms Wrist Stretch

Continue to stand with your palms flat on the desk.

Your wrists are bent, extended nearly 90 degrees, like a picture frame corner. If it is too much stretch, ease off until there is no pain, just stretch. Relax your shoulders away from your ears.

Myofascial Stretch. 

With Myofascial Pain Release, John Barnes says, "Hold for 90 to 120 seconds for a Myofascial Release."

Fascia connects everything in the body. Feel the base of your 1st finger and your palms open and relax as you take a few deep breaths. Allow that release to travel up to your upper body and neck.

Set your timer and do open hands and wrist stretch throughout the day!

Rochelle Gracilla

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