Rochelle Gracilla

Dec 5, 2022

30-Second Exercises for Desk Workers: Neck and Shoulder Stretch!

Everything is connected! So stretching the shoulders can help also release tension in the neck.

As a Physical Therapist for +30 years, I see many people with shoulder and neck stiffness. Sitting at the computer typing, you don't move your neck much, and your shoulders are rolled inwards. These simple exercises ease stiffness and tension! Consult your doctor before starting this or any exercise program.

1/ Behind the Head - Hand Grasp / "Back Scratch"

Reach your Right hand behind your head, simultaneously reaching your Left hand behind your low back.

Try to reach or grasp your fingers together; if not, reach your Right towards Left hand. Reverse, with the Left hand on top.

These, actually help the muscle fibers release, a "Muscle Energy Technique':

2/ Neck Cradle: "Yes/No"

With your Right hand, cradle or hold the back of your neck, pinkie finger at the base of the skull. Relax the elbow, so it releases down.

Move your head as if a paintbrush is on the tip of your nose. Paint up and down, then side to side, like small yes/no's. Repeat 3x each way.

3/ Neck Cradle: "Circles"

Switch to your Left hand, cradle, or hold the back of your neck, pinkie finger at the base of the skull.

Circle your nose clockwise 3x. Reverse, 3x.

4/ "Easy Shoulder Shrugs."

Relaxing upper shoulder muscles helps release neck tension!

Hold firmly with your Right Hand the shoulder-shrug muscle (upper trapezius) between the base of your neck and the tip of your left shoulder. Shrug small up/down lifts, then circle backward 3x each. Release and feel the difference between the two sides. Switch hands, Repeat to the Right side.

Enjoy these easy neck and shoulder stretches throughout your day!

Rochelle Gracilla

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