Rod Aparicio

Feb 12, 2022

I'm Desperate For A Gig. Hire me? Pretty, pretty, please? I'll almost do it for free.

book a FREE consultation with me. I'm available at all times.

The stench of desperation.

Giving your thinking away for free
Have a problem? Let me come with a strategy, approach, plan, tactics to prove my value and then we can talk about how I can execute it. And you'll hire me and pay me. Right? Right??

Not setting boundaries
Call me at any time. I'll go the extra mile —even if it's not noticeable, relevant or impactful. But I'll feel good on my ego. Client is king (and always right).

Not putting yourself as the expert
Here are a few options. Are they ok? Which one do you like the most? Do you want the changes like this? Of course! (even though you know it's the wrong call).

Always available
David C. Baker defines that -in the western world- the higher the expertise, the lower the availability. Meaning, as you get yourself more of an expert, the ways to be available are fewer. If you're available to everyone, it looks like you don't know how to tell a distraction from an opportunity.

Time vampires
Open to talk and set time with people who are driven by price (the lowest, of course) and that will take time, energy and resources to not either take an action or just "asking around". Not following your gut or ignoring the red flags they raise waters you down on how you can show up for the right ones you can help.


you're doing this to build expertise rapidly and are open and clear about it. It's not something like what's lines above, but set on a time frame, in a certain way AND for the right fits that would help you build your competence.

It all changes on how you frame it. IF you want to be perceived as an expert, act like one. Be ruthless on saying no to distractions. That way you'll get closer to create greater impact.

Otherwise, it only says to your prospects:

"hey - i have no work and i desperately need a gig, so come here, let me pitch you whatever i have (and what i have not) in exchange for your time. i'm game for taking orders —any"

Rod Aparicio

Brand Strategy Advisor for Indie Consulting Firms.