Rod Aparicio

Feb 6, 2022

The One Skill To Streamline Your Way To Niche Down Successfully As An Indie Consulting Brand: Daily Writing.

If you're trying to find a streamlined way to niche down, you need one main skill: daily writing & publishing. There are no "hacks" here.

9 reasons why daily writing help you niche down:

  1. gets you out of your head

  2. you get comfortable with being out in the open

  3. you're pushed to state what you stand for

  4. empty your head of bad ideas (that can later turn into good ones)

  5. gain clarity in your thinking, writing and expression

  6. uncover your voice

  7. ability to create more content

  8. you deliver and get quicker on your feet to accept an idea and know that you can always improve it

  9. gain insights and feedback on what gains traction.

An example? Let me tell you my story. :)

Half a year worth of content in one month.

There are not many great places where you can do writing -with kinda handholding, I mean. And the one I just finished with Cole and Dickie, #Ship30, was spot on. Half a year of content in one month: 30 atomic essays in 30 days. It's been more than a cohort and definitely more than a challenge.

Why I Joined —and failed.

Having started to write daily already twice —that didn't last longer than 13 days— I joined Ship30 to build a habit to write consistently over time. I failed.

What I got instead

Instead, I built discipline into writing. A whole different thing. It's more than a habit, it's part of what I daily do now. It's not pressure, it's "How can I contribute to the ones I try to serve?"

Pushed to make a decision

I was able to decide a start of niching down (after many fumbles with no clear direction in 2-3 years, which made me stay a generalist), because once my all-over-the-place ideas were out there I had to decide. Where to go? And then I saw the patterns. This is what I enjoy. And then the red thread: how to connect all of my content through a common lens. and it's now just so simple! I write about business strategy design for owners and founders of indie consulting brands trying to niche down —w/o the bullshit. This is my niche.


What if you run out of topics?

If you think you'll run out of themes to write about, I got news for you: you won't. Go ahead and read from other authors —you'll find inspiration to write. Either to agree or to make your own argument. There's huge potential for material. Once you see this, you won't be able to unsee it.

And the community... well, it is a community.

If you'd like to train this new skill of digital writing, it's worth a check. [Yup. I'm absolutely biased :)]

Rod Aparicio

Brand Strategy Advisor for Indie Consulting Firms.