Rod Aparicio

Mar 6, 2022

I've received 1194 daily emails from ONE guy in a bit over 3 years. And I've read them all.

What makes me read all these emails, that are sent daily?

That I find a really good way to stretch my thinking, reframe things and be better off after the huge, vast majority of them. The guy is Jonathan Stark.

What have I found in these emails that stand out?

Daily Emails Deconstructed

  • A clear approach

  • A strong POV

  • Niched down

  • A consistent positioning

  • Value

  • A Solar System Model. Themes orbit around a main one, like planets.

  • They're short, with no fluff.

This is what compelled me to write and publish daily. To help the ones I serve be better off after our interactions.

First Steps to Daily Writing

I have 2 reasons to do it. Been writing and publishing daily since Jan 5th and I'm still working on some stuff. Trying to get to that right flow. These two reasons are behind one purpose: to bring clarity.

Reason #1: The Selfish Reason

10 000 bad ideas. Rread this from Walt Stanchfield (animator at Disney): "We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us. The sooner we get them out the better." I think we can apply this to writing. The better we get these 10K bad ideas out, the better.

After all, it's a way to get and see the patterns of my thinking. Get my POV with better arguments [or dispose it]. And if I'm being honest, to get smarter. Getting your ideas down helps you see where the flaws are, where to make tweaks and where the good ideas get constructed.

Reason #2: The Selfless Reason

To be able to better help the ones I serve.

How can I help indie consulting firms get better at decision-making, be (more) profitable, build the right conditions for cohesive brands and —at the end of it all— do and run better businesses if I'm not able to articulate clearly why and how to?

Rod Aparicio

Brand Strategy Advisor for Indie Consulting Firms.